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Elfie Rocher, highly experienced Graphic Recorder will visually capture key conversations, focus and inject new energy into your events enabling successful outcomes. Here are the benefits.

Benefits of Graphic Recording

Participant Validation

By making ideas visible on the wall, it enables everyone to be "on the same page at the same time, bringing their individual voices into the conversation"

Visual Milesones

Bridging diversity, culture, complex ideas and concepts, the graphics or 'wallcharts'  provide a visual milestone and reminder of what was discussed afterwards - holding the vision with integrity.  

Enhances Decisions

Digital photographs (jpegs) can be integrated into final reports, saving time and enabling quick recall of key conversations throughout the event. A picture is worth a thousand words!

Enhances Retention

Graphic recording creates a “visual memory” for attendee comprehension  increasing retention by up to 30%.

Maintains Group Focus

Reduces distractions. Graphic recording continually refocuses and engages participants and wider audiences.

Enhance Creativity

Creates a different energy, enables BIG ideas and voices to be heard, promotes conversation and creativity.


As graphic recording is a relatively new concept, you may find it useful to view a very short video explaining the concept of Visual thinking - drawing is an easy and simple way to show and involve others in understanding -- or seeing -- what you mean.

Drawing together can be seen as a collective meaning-making process for a group. It's easy to learn. It's intuitive. It starts with pen, paper and curiosity. You can click the link to view  Ole Qvist-Sørensen at TEDx Copenhagen 2012 

Milly Sonneman, author of Beyond Words (May 1997) quotes, “The processes that can be mapped out are not limited to, but include brainstorming, strategic planning, conflict resolution and mediation, teaching, presenting ideas, project planning, ….any time people are gathered together to discuss options, ideas, strategies, potential conflicts history or future… it is a good time to get out the paper and start mapping” 

Meeting types:

Planning and visioning retreats

Scenario planning meetings

Change management projects

Large group conferences and summits

Keynote addresses and special presentations

Focus groups

Brainstorming sessions

Dialogue sessions

World Café forums

How it Works


To get the best result a briefing meeting is essential with clients and facilitators shortly before the event. The content and direction of the event is agreed up front so we are all aligned on meeting direction, chart size, wall space, mounting methods etc. Standard charts are 3 meters wide by 1 meter down.

The Event

During the event conversations will be recorded and captured graphically, in real time with text and pictures where appropriate.

Collaboration between the Facilitator and graphic recorder is key to the successful outcome of the event.

Post event

Debriefing is useful for planning future events and discussing the best uses for displaying the chart, such as inclusion in corporate publications to wider audiences and chart lamination for future references.

Graphic Recording Timelapse at Ibec HR Leadership Summit 2014

Over 400 people attended the Summit including Business Leaders and TD's



Do you need to graphically record your strategy or change related events, where responses need to be comprehensively harvested to progress in achieving your desired outcome?

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